New position at CPB Netherlands

I’m happy to share that I moved back to the Netherlands to work for the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis! The CPB is an independent research institute that provides economic analyses and projections. 

I have taken up the position as Programme Lead Wellbeing (“Brede Welvaart”). This ambitious programme aims to help the Dutch government to create policies that enhance wellbeing of all.

I will lead the work at the CPB to construct tools that better capture whether policies improve wellbeing:
1. … in all dimensions – not just financial, but also with regard to the environment, health, education and social cohesion;
2. … among all citizens;
3. … in a sustainable fashion so that future generations can enjoy similar levels of wellbeing.

Please send me a message if you like to talk about this at

The last four years at the OECD in Paris have been wonderful for my own level of wellbeing. Merci beaucoup my dear colleagues and we will stay in touch!